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You’re apparently considered an advanced/wannabe beta tester user if you push the “check for updates” thing in windows update.

“If you click the “Check for Updates” button in the Settings app, Microsoft still considers you a “seeker” and will give you “preview” updates that haven’t gone through the normal testing process.”

YouTube, Google +, EU and its Article 13/11

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“And, if implemented as proposed, Article 13 threatens hundreds of thousands of jobs, European creators, businesses, artists and everyone they employ. The proposal could force platforms, like YouTube, to allow only content from a small number of large companies. It would be too risky for platforms to host content from smaller original content creators, because the platforms would now be directly liable for that content.”

YouTube could turn into cable-TV

-Yeah.., the more I think of it, this “sunsetting” of G+ could really just be an “easy” way out (for google) of the incoming shitstorm that could be if article 13/11 becomes a reality.

Challenges… 🤷‍♂️

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Originally shared by Google+

We are sunsetting Consumer Google+ in August of 2019

Recently, we announced the decision to sunset the consumer version of Google+. Before anything else, we want to sincerely thank all of you. G+ has had a wonderful run, and it would not have been the same without you. Whether you use Google+ once a day or every few months, we appreciate your contributions over the years.

Given the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful Google+ that meets consumers’ expectations and the declining use of the platform, we believe this is the right decision.

We’ll provide more details right here on Google+ about how to export and save your personal content soon, and will give you time to do so. We expect to fully wind down the consumer version of Google+ in August of next year.

From all of us on the Google+ team, thank you for making this a wonderful place to share.