4 Replies to “Ahh, #EU you make Internet so easy and user friendly. <3”

  1. birger monsen true, and I agree, but it’s still a cost, and for a small market – why bother right? In the end just a bad user experience, hurting none other than the user.

  2. There are companies that handle the gdpr opt-in stuff as a service they can plug in. If they have any strategy for handling cookie data and web site history attached to those then they should not have any problem complying.

  3. birger monsen this one didn’t handle personal info, just the ordinary cookie (ad) tracking stuff.

    This region block is just a matter of minimizing the risk getting a massive fine and saving the time and cost of implementing the right GDPR stuff. I don’t blame them, EU is probably not a big market anyway. -still annoying for me as a user.

  4. I am very sceptical to how a web site handles personal info if they are still unable to comply with gdpr. So i steer far away from them.

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