Kicking it up a notch


Kicking it up a notch

Haha, well, why am I not surprised…

Add the much “appreciated” iPhone X notch to any android smartphone..

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Apple just patented a paper bag

No, really! Apple was just granted a patent for an ordinary paper shopping bag. The patent’s full claim is:

“The ornamental design for a bag, as shown and described.”

Some 25 people get credit for inventing this bag. It comes with 27 drawings, including this one.,463.PN.&OS=PN/D785,463&RS=PN/D785,463,463.PN.%2526OS=PN/D785,463%2526RS=PN/D785,463

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hmm -bumbox?

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hmm -bumbox?

h/t Lars Fosdal

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Man, that’s going to be popular. Bass for your base.