Go Fcc yourself.., really -do it!

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Go Fcc yourself.., really -do it!

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Originally shared by Carter Gibson

Have you FCC’ed yourself today?

Help protect Net Neutrality by writing the FCC about how much you hate the ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ initiative at http://www.gofccyourself.com

Too busy to write something yourself? CTRL C + CTRL V:

“This misleading bill only restores freedom to mega-corporations to further restrict Americans’ access to information, art, and media. In our current reality, Americans often do not have a choice in their internet provider, thus making Title 2 all the more important. Our service providers should be committed to treating all information equally and fairly. We enter exceptionally dangerous territory when access to certain information is given a fast lane at the sole discretion of corporations. There is no consumer benefit to dismantling Net Neutrality – especially as ISP profits increase.

Following the mergers of ISP and media companies over the past couple of years, it’s no secret that the likes of Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner are eager to prioritize their own content over their own wires once their agreement to uphold Net Neutrality expires. America is founded on the idea that all ideas can and should be equally represented and I’m sickened to see such an excited effort to allow ISP’s to decide what information is most easily accessed. Instead of forcing the market itself (from startups to up-and-comers) to compete on a level playing field, the FCC is actively trying to created a tiered environment where mega-corporations can restrict competition by providing unfair advantages to their own interests.

I stand in full opposition to this proposal and harbor a special resentment to its deceptive name. The FCC should continue to support and uphold Net Neutrality and Title 2.”