Soooo, have you enabled 2-factor authentication yet!?


Soooo, have you enabled 2-factor authentication yet!?

-or, are you using the same password everywhere?

This is what’s for sale at the darker side of the interwebz:

100,000 Yahoo accounts acquired from 2012 Last.FM data breach, for 0.0084 Bitcoins ($10.76).

Another 145,000 Yahoo accounts acquired from two separate data breaches – the 2013

Adobe data breach and the 2008 MySpace breach – for 0.0102 Bitcoins (USD 13.75).

500,000 Gmail accounts from the 2008 MySpace hack, the 2013 Tumblr breach, and the 2014 Bitcoin Security Forum breach for 0.0219 Bitcoins ($28.24).

Another 450,000 Gmail accounts for 0.0201 BTC (USD 25.76), which came from various other data breaches in Dropbox, Adobe, and others that took place between 2010 and 2016.

If you, for any reasons, are getting sweaty hands now, you may take a look at to see if you’re one of the lucky ones… -I’d never give my stuff away to a service like that, but there are people that do, and nothing bad has happened -yet, so…

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  1. 2 factor everywhere possible. Other then that I have an easy (as I can do it anytime in my head) algorithm for generating passwords for non 2 factor sites.

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